QUIRILI-ANUS!  My dear ladies and occasional gentleman.

It was our parish CAROL SERVICE, 9 lessons and carols in our beautiful village church last Sunday.

I was sitting in a pew with PCSO Claire and her sister. Lovely young ladies. I had noticed something wasn’t quite right but couldn’t put my finger on it until halfway through the THIRD CAROL, when I realised they were singing a completely different CAROL.

They had been given LAST YEARS order of service.

This year I was reading lesson 6, which had in it the unfortunate name of QUIRINIUS.

I said to them ” I have a tricky name in my reading, QUIRILI-ANUS.” Needless to say once the SPOONERISM had left my lips and hit their ears they were a bundle of giggling girlies.

Imagine my perturbation as I stood in the pulpit  and looked out at the congregation.

Merry Christmas

Yours Merrily


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