My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, today I had to speak to one of our HIGH STREET BANKS on the telephone. 

You will not be surprised to know that my call went from DEVON in England halfway around the world to NEW DELHI in India.

And it didn’t cost me a penny. It’s rare to be able to chat on the telephone across CONTINENTS in the middle of the day and all for free.

I spoke to a charming young lady who obviously had been trained by DAME JUDY DENCH when she was living in the MOST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL to be friendly and not to be afraid to go ‘OFF PISTE’ with the script.

After we had dealt with the boring bits we had a lovely little chat and I can say it was a very pleasant experience.

I do believe the dear young LADY paid my little ‘BLISS’* a visit yesterday, how kind. 
I do hope she visits again, it gives one a glimpse into an EXOTIC world so very different from my own.

My dear new INDIAN friend here are some pictures of beautiful Devon for you

Yours Exoticly

* I am sure you will agree my dear ladies and occasional gentleman that ‘BLOG’ is a rather vulgar sounding word, so I call mine a ‘BLISS’ so much lovelier don’t you think?

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