My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, I can sympathise with TIM PEAKE.

I too am FIGHTING a battle with GRAVITY.

This morning when looking in my MAGNIFYING MIRROR which I have to GIRD MY LOINS to do, I made a DISCOVERY.

I have a small SCAR on the middle of my CHEEK, the result of leaping off a bed and catching it on a hook on a cupboard.

I looked and it was MISSING!


Heading towards my JAWLINE!

Yours Gravitily



The ONE-EYED MONSTER in the LADYGARDEN is Ronald my dear ladies and occasional gentleman. 

He has a swelling and not where you might think, naughty people. 

It is his eye and it has been getting progressively worse since Saturday.

But my LADYGARDEN as you can see is beginning to flourish now that the GARDEN FAIRIES have erected a new fence.

Talking of fairies can you spot my little fairy door? I have several hidden around the garden.

I am taking Ronald for medical assistance.

The DOCTORS is closed so we are popping into the VET’S.

Yours Fairily


p.s. I shall be visiting the wonderful RHS ROSEMOOR on the weekend for their ROSE festival.

My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, today I had to speak to one of our HIGH STREET BANKS on the telephone. 

You will not be surprised to know that my call went from DEVON in England halfway around the world to NEW DELHI in India.

And it didn’t cost me a penny. It’s rare to be able to chat on the telephone across CONTINENTS in the middle of the day and all for free.

I spoke to a charming young lady who obviously had been trained by DAME JUDY DENCH when she was living in the MOST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL to be friendly and not to be afraid to go ‘OFF PISTE’ with the script.

After we had dealt with the boring bits we had a lovely little chat and I can say it was a very pleasant experience.

I do believe the dear young LADY paid my little ‘BLISS’* a visit yesterday, how kind. 
I do hope she visits again, it gives one a glimpse into an EXOTIC world so very different from my own.

My dear new INDIAN friend here are some pictures of beautiful Devon for you

Yours Exoticly

* I am sure you will agree my dear ladies and occasional gentleman that ‘BLOG’ is a rather vulgar sounding word, so I call mine a ‘BLISS’ so much lovelier don’t you think?


Yes my dear ladies and occasional gentleman a first for me the modern ‘Hen Do’. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was very pleased to be asked by the BRIDE TO BE a very charming young lady called Minoa.
We gathered in her mothers house a mix of LONG-LEGGED young ladies, beautifully dressed balancing on spindly heels and a few mature ladies in flip flops and sandals.
The bride was crowned with a TIARA and VEIL with the most unusual patterned lace TWO ROUND buildings either side of a TALL one and then was given a similar shaped sceptre in lurid pink to match.
Pinning on our hen badges we mounted the MINI BUS, much to the drivers consternation.The very organized M.O.T.B. asked a round of riddles, what larks. After my 3rd miniature bottle of something that tasted of FRUITY COUGH MIXTURE with VODKA. I realised that there was a penalty for not only getting the answer wrong but getting it right as well!
It was a bouncy ride between the various PUBLIC HOUSES,  drinking SEX ON THE BEACH dished out from a large THERMOS FLASK in the middle of the aisle.
A delightful young lady called Emilia a fellow gin drinker told me her breasts were kept in place with sticky tape to avoid unseemly BRASSIERE straps. (Handy tip)

We played some intimate and hilarious games with balloons, here is a picture of the bride.










It was a fun packed 8 HOURS and I discovered that with the odd PIT STOP for sustenance I can consume a rather large amount of GIN and stay upright. Although I wouldn’t want to do it every week.

Dear Minoa assured me that even though her and her fiancé were living together they had SEPARATE bedrooms until after their marriage.

I’m not so sure that’s a good idea. After all, you wouldn’t buy a TOOL before checking out its suitability for the job!

Yours Hen Peckedily










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