A PLETHORA OF CHOPPERS? Whatever  can she mean, I hear you ask my dear ladies and occasional gentleman.

Well my dear friend Theresa and I went to a nearby market town for a little jaunt. Being market day there was plenty to see and imagine our surprise when we came across a PLETHORA of CHOPPERS.

This was very pertinent, for as you may remember we have a new WOODBURNER. Little did I know about the accessories Ronald seems to need for something that was meant to save us money.

He’s hankering for a new CHOPPER but not just any old chopper but one that has a SPECIAL head, one that splits logs.

Theresa who can spot a CHOPPER at 3 miles, found the perfect one amongst the many but unfortunately when she went to lift it, found that it wasn’t quite right.

“It’s a bit heavy and too short for Ronald” she said “He’s used to a longer one.”

I bow to her superior knowledge.

Yours Choppily


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