My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, last Wednesday I had a DAME EDNA EVERIDGE moment. 

I was choosing a new pair of glasses, “OH DEAR!” I hear some of you cry, remembering my last MARATHON attempt.

Ronald had gone walkabout as his shopping endurance levels had been depleted after visiting ONE SHOP to change a pair of TROUSERS he had bought with BUTTONS instead of a ZIP (don’t ask).

Faced with a confusing array of designs at the BUY ONE GET A SPARE PAIR FREE section, I was drawn inexplicably to this pair.

 I slid them on and they fitted perfectly hmmm I thought very 60’s and a bit Dame Edna, I took them off and found a rather smart GREEN AND TORTOISESHELL pair that were light and fitted, perfect for reading glasses.

Just then Ronald appeared, “All done?” He asked hopefully.

“What do you think of these?” I asked slipping on the DAME EDNA’s

After he stopped laughing he said ” they are perfect.”

I’m not sure if I really liked them or if I chose them in a FIT OF PIQUE.

I pick them up Friday, if it’s a FULL MOON and the GODS allowing.

Yours Glassily


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