A robin can mean many things, a loved one passed is saying hello, a bringer of good luck, a bringer of new beginnings, hope, or one of natures beautiful bounties that make us all smile..
My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, may I wish you seasons greetings and send you all warm and scrumptious love and hugs from the Ladygarden residence. 

For those of you who may be alone and for those who find Christmas a difficult time,  just remember I will be thinking of you all in our special ‘bliss’  family. (blog is such a vulgar word)

Remember it is only two days out of the year, don’t stress, relax it will pass, hopefully not like a kidney stone.

We must look forward to a new year with hope and perhaps with a resolution to be kinder to each other.  We all have our down days how much better would it make us feel if someone said something kind or did a kind deed.

Let’s try to say something nice to at least one person everyday, or give a helping hand with a task.

I am going to say something nice to Ronald in a minute, I’m going to thank him for cleaning the cooker. That’s a kind deed. What a little treasure he is.

See you all next year.

Yours Christmassy



SPOT THE DIFFERENCE my dear ladies and occasional gentleman. Our delicious DAMSON GIN was quite happy and we had enjoyed a little NIP or two. However yesterday I ventured forth for a little light LUNCHEON with my dear friend VERONICA.
As you are aware Veronica is a great FORRAGER but not keen myself on MASTICATING ROADKILL BADGER and whatever greenery she had S.A.S MANOEUVRED her way to finding deep in the hedgerows, I had managed to persuade her to put on something more LADYLIKE and join me in the CAFE at our local THEATRE.

On my return to the Ladygarden residence I noticed something strange with the DAMSON GIN, can you spot it?


What EAGLE EYES you have, yes the one on the right has a STRANGE SEDIMENT!

After INTERROGATING Ronald he FESSED UP. He decided to top up the jars with more GIN and a little sugar. Ok so far.

UNFORTUNATELY he had picked up a bag of FLOUR.

It was in the jar before he realized what it was. He tried to scoop it out with a SPOON, unsuccessfully.

I am going to stick a label with my name on it on the other jar.

Yours Flourly



SARTORIAL ELEGANCE OR PRACTICALITY? My dear ladies and occasional gentleman how MILD it is. Here we are on the 16th of December and our temperatures are in double figures, the summer FLOWERS are still BLOOMING,  the BULBS are coming up and Ronald is still wearing pale LINEN trousers and CANVAS shoes.

But really are they practical attire or footwear for walking hirsute Roley? After  all we have received a goodly amount of rain.

As you can see I have chosen traditional PROTECTION as my mother drummed into me “never rely on a man for PROTECTION!”
How impressive Ronald is striding along SARTORIALY ELEGANT through MUD and S..T.
We even saw our first BABY LAMB, how exciting.

On our return Hirsute Roley, slipped his ELF SLIPPERS on and cuddled up.

Yours Pre-Christmassy

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