OPEN WIDE my dear ladies and occasional gentleman. Now now let’s not get SMUTTY, besides I refuse to get down on my knees at my age.
No, today I had my 6 month appointment with the HYGIENIST and DENTIST, which I am sure like many of you struck FEAR in my HEART and BOWELS.

The HYGIENIST was very gentle and I survived to go on to see the DENTIST. Once inside the door and before he had me horizontal I GROWLED at  him “I have three things to say”

  1. I haven’t SLEPT properly for 3 WEEKS!
  2. I am experiencing a high level of PAIN!
  3. I am going to WRITE my BLISS today about my visit to YOU!

He shot back in his wheelie chair and looked far more NERVOUS than I felt.

Yours Toothily


p.s. This is what I woke up to this morning, definitely compensation for the dentist


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