RED FOR DANGER – GREEN FOR GO but not if you are Ronald, bless him.

My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, I asked Ronald if he would collect any ripe and yellow tomatoes from the garden for me. They would finish ripening in the window. The lovely warm and sunny weather we have been enjoying here in Devon was about to end and I didn’t want them to end up on the ground for the slugs to enjoy.

This is what he picked.

According to Ronald these are all red tomatoes, he left the green ones (but really yellow) on the plant.

Yours Resignedly


3 thoughts on “RED FOR DANGER – GREEN FOR GO

    • My dear lady, I do make a rather delicious green tomato chutney but sadly he is colour blind. Our son even more sadly has the most extreme form and doesn’t really see colour at all, just various shades of sepia. They have just invented lenses that can correct it but they cost as much as buying a small country. Hopefully like most technology they will get cheaper. I do thank you for your interest and for reading and commenting on my little ‘bliss’. Kind regards Celia On Oct 8, 2015 10:24 AM, “Celia Ladygarden's lifestyle for ladies” wrote:


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