My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, LET’S DO THE TIME-WARP AGAIN.
What a fantastic, FUNNY, SEXY, show, (who can resist a man in a basque, suspenders and stockings. It’s given me ideas for Ronald’s birthday which is approaching) with an AMAZING CAST who handled the very vocal heckling audience with aplomb.

At times the heckling was so funny the actors had to pause to compose themselves which all added to the enjoyment.

Oh what feelings ROCKY aroused in us ladies, he really was a ‘CHARLES ATLAS’ of a man in his tiny LEOPARD PRINT pants. I have never seen PRESS-UP STAR JUMPS before.

And how impressive is RICHARD O’BRIEN reprising his show after 43 years.

I am sorry to say that at the THEATRE we attended for the live performance had a very CONSERVATIVE audience and WE WERE the ONLY FOUR PEOPLE TO DRESS UP!

Not only that but most averted their eyes and ignored us, others looked but didn’t CRACK A SMILE. There was only one or two that acknowledged us and smiled.

I did enjoy getting my LADYBELLS out in my new DOLCE & GABBANA BRASSIERE and slipping on the FISHNETS SUSPENDERS and BIKER BOOTS. As you well know I am usually such a shy and retiring flower but  I thought you might like a look.

My dear friend Gloria and I popped in to our village social club for a quick nightcap on returning home. We did cause a bit of a stir and then my dear friends Theresa and Bernard our fellow dresser-uppers turned up just to add to the amusement of the clientele.

All in all a fab night and if you get the chance GO AND SEE THE SHOW, you won’t be disappointed.

Yours Fishnetily


P.S. Here we all are



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