My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, today Ronald  NEARLY made my day when he said  “I’m going to give you a little touch up, I know you’ve been wanting it” accompanied by a cheeky little smile.

Ooh must be the hot weather! I lay back and draped myself in what I hoped was a seductive manner on the garden swing.

Ronald headed my way, bypassed me and delved into his SHED, coming out with a tin of paint and a paintbrush.

He turned the metal two-seater garden seat upside down and started happily painting away. He didn’t notice the DISAPPOINTMENT on GRUMPY visage or realise that Hirsute Roley was lying underneath, sensibly in the shade out of the hot sun.



Nothing to see here his look says as he sits on my POANG with his large BLUE STREAK.

Yours Grumpily


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