My dear ladies and occasional gentleman back to MOROCCO, after we had recovered from our trek in the ATLAS MOUNTAINS we had a delicious CHICKEN TAGINE lunch on the terrace.



This was followed by a demonstration of BREAD BAKING, BERBER style. The flat piece of dough is pressed against the sides of the hot CLAY OVEN  to bake. The lovely lady without aid of  oven-gloves or tongs turned the bread over to bake the other side; finished it is like a NAAN BREAD.




This is the unfortunate big toe that had a head-on collision with an unidentified ROCK on my ATLAS MOUNTAIN trek. Although protected by my SAINSBURYS trainers it still turned black and now the nail is half-way off.
I remarked to Ronald that I hoped I didn’t catch it and rip it off and he disappeared. Only to return with THIS|
his FIRST-AID KIT from his BMW and mutter about making a protective BANDAGE SNOOD.

I don’t mind PLAYING DOCTORS AND NURSES but I’m NOT letting him near my TOE!

Yours Podiatryly


3 thoughts on “PLAYING DOCTORS & NURSES!

  1. I am impressed with Ronald’s Doctor’s Kit. However I have no wish to be patient or nurse. Has this first aid kit ever been put to use? I am perturbed that such a kit is in the BMW but not in the house. Is Ronald reckless on the road, or is it kept handy to rescue damsels in distress, such as your good self?


    • My dear Gallivanta, thank you for your concern. Ronald’s BMW came fitted with a first aid kit, a torch and various other bits and pieces it also looks very exciting if you are a man but unfortunately it only does at a push 25 mpg. Whereas my fun little fiat does at least 64 mpg, you will be unsurprised to hear when he pops into town for supplies he uses mine, When going on long trips we use mine. I guess we are keeping the BMW for toe emergencies or when there is a power cut and we need a torch.

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