COMING AT THE RIGHT TIME is always preferable my dear ladies and occasional gentleman and that’s just what Veronica and I did.

As the RIAD door opened a great cheer rose up from the courtyard into the MARRAKECH night sky. Though that could be because everyone had been waiting 2 hours for their dinner.

The GORGEOUS and CHARMING Nicholas welcomed us and one of his lovely assistants took us to our room for a quick change but I’m not going into to detail as to what Veronica did with a WET-WIPE!

How wonderful to meet up with our fellow ‘FANNY’ her family and friends on her birthday. Due to our ‘SPECIAL BOTTLED WATER’ imbibed on the plane, we were already in the PARTY SPIRIT and threw ourselves into the BELLY-DANCING, I say with modesty I know I impressed the professional dancer but Veronica danced her usual 2 beats behind the music in her WILD WANTON manner.


Dear Lauren introduced us to a variety of ALCOHOLIC SHOTS. What fun!

The evening ended with the 3 ‘FANNY’S singing KARAOKE with the boys from the band. BRITTANY SPEARS was a highlight but it all went a bit downhill after YMCA.


Yours Fezedly


p.s. With apologies  Nicholas for borrowing your Fez’s from your window display.

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