My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, life is funny. This morning I went into town to meet my dear friend Veronica.

Walking along the street from her cottage we came across a small fold up OAK CHAIR, a plastic CAT BASKET and a GNOME. All outside of a cottage with the front door open and inside a gentleman sat in an ARMCHAIR, with a mug of TEA, a small ELECTRIC FIRE and the RACING POST.

Whilst we were FERRETING in the CHARITY shop a lady came in and said to the young man “you gave me a cuddle yesterday, so I’ve come back in for another one”.

We then shared a rather tasty COFFEE AND WALNUT cake and cup of COFFEE before walking back, when we came across an UNEXPECTED CUCUMBER sat on a doorstep.

If there had been accompanying SALAD that would have been fine but a LONE CUCUMBER!

Yours Suspiciously


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