My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, please look away if this picture offends you but this is a pair of rather lovely LA PERLA silk FRENCH KNICKERS and I am sure we can all enjoy the beautiful design and fine quality.

I mention them here because an incident occurred when one of my pantomime cast POPPED IN to show me her costume which she then POPPED OUT of!

If flipping  the DRESS top up and down revealing her BLACK BRASSIERE wasn’t enough she then proceeded to bend over and flash her FRENCH KNICKERS asking if this was OK.

Poor Ronald hadn’t been expecting this, he had just sat down with a cup of COFFEE and a GINGER NUT to watch the news.

He hasn’t been the same since and he has woken me up a few times in the night muttering FRENCH KNICKERS.




      • Then, in the interests of decency and decorum, I hope that coffee and gingernuts will be banned from the Panto. We can’t have such events happening at the performance.


      • My dear lady, thank you for your kind advice, I simply hadn’t thought of that. We do have a social club on the opposite side of the square that liquid refreshment can be purchased and enjoyed whilst watching the performance. I shall on your advice ban coffee, they do not sell Ginger nuts but it’s possible the occasional gentleman may bring his own.


      • My dear lady, this sounds like it may be one of your fantasies. I gently remind you we are performing a pantomime not ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. If you are volunteering we can always do with some help.
        Yours Amusedly


      • My dear lady, how you have educated me in the world of under-garments. I have just looked at ‘thunderpants’ and must admit to be rather taken with them, especially the pair with swimming goldfish on. Whilst we are chatting I would like to compliment you on your ‘Bliss’ what an enjoyable read it is and how clever you are to be able to write about things inserting a word that can then be clicked on, to link to another of your writings.
        I have no idea how you do this, I am afraid my little ‘Bliss’ is a bit boring.
        I wonder if you would be kind enough to share your recipe for yoghurt bread, it sounds lovely.

        Yours Boringly Celia


      • Dear Not Boring At All Celia
        In my little world, Clever is pantos and ponchos. 🙂 The basic recipe for yogurt bread can be found here under sesame yogurt bread. Do you have surebake yeast (breadmaker yeast?). As I have weak hands I usually mix and partly rise the bread in the bread machine. Then later I form bread shapes, let them rise in the loaf pans and bake about 25 mins in a 200C deg oven.


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