WHAT IS THIS? My dear ladies and occasional gentleman today has been a glorious sunny 1st day of DECEMBER so my dear friend Gloria and I went for a walk taking little hirsute Roley with us.

It was very MILD and QUIET walking the lanes until I came upon this ALIEN CREATURE!

WHAT IS IT? If any of my dear ladies and occasional gentleman know please tell me.

I was EXCEEDINGLY BRAVE taking this photograph as I am distinctly ARACHNOPHOBIC!

This was not a good start to the FESTIVE SEASON, a ROBIN, REINDEER OR (W)RAPPING PAPER would have been more suitable.

Yours Arachnidly


6 thoughts on “WHAT IS THIS?

    • Dear Barbara, lovely to hear from you, as to the size of the beastie it is difficult to be accurate as they always seem to me to be the size of a large brassica!
      It was such a surprise to come across it in the middle of the lane as if it was waiting for a lift. If it was it will be waiting a long time as we had only seen 1 tractor during our 3 mile walk and that was in a field.
      Kind Regards

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