CREATIVE JUICES have been flowing in the LADYGARDEN, Ronald has had to take cover!
My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, I apologies for my absence but my CREATIVE JUICES have been flowing and I am sure you’ll agree that you have to enjoy it and go with the flow.

Since we last had a little converse I have written a PANTOMIME for our annual village production (oh no you didn’t, oh yes I did), I appreciate the concept of PANTOMIME is a little obtuse to my COLONIAL friends. It is truly a strange English form of THEATRE.

It isn’t as easy as it might sound writing a PANTOMIME, there are the absolute necessities that have to be included. I have to make sure there is a part for every EGO and each character has to have some dialogue and a song. Then there are the whole cast DANCES , PANTO HORSE, audience participation,choosing all the MUSIC……… It’s OK I’m stopping now, I can hear your yawns of boredom.

I have also written more of my novel!

If you were wondering how I did at our ANNUAL VILLAGE SHOW here are the results and thank you for all your well wishes.

Yours Creatively



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