My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, I must confess the guilt lies heavily in my hands, the CAVALIERS BALLS. I didn’t mean to, it just happened, I looked down and there they were!

I know what you are all thinking that’s what every THIEF says trying to explain their DODGY BEHAVIOUR. BUT IT’S TRUE.

You may remember the wonderful TORRINGTON CAVALIERS kindly donated a large MARQUEE for our CHARITY fundraiser. Just in case nobody NOTICED the GIRT GREAT TENT and in the interests of ELF-N-SAFETY they had pushed TENNIS BALLS onto the stakes holding the guide ropes into the ground.

After the event HURRICANE BERTHA turned up, luckily for us LATE FOR THE FETE but she was upset about this and decided to TOSS THE BALLS.

I RESCUED the scattered balls from all over the field but forgot all about them until Ronald asked the question “whose balls are these?”

So dear CAVALIERS if you are searching for your BALLS they are in my LADYGARDEN.

Yours Guiltily


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