My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, how exciting, Ronald and I went to see the 60th Anniversary tour of THE MOUSETRAP.

Dear AUNT AGGIE, or AGATHA CHRISTIE to the rest of the world, she could always tell a good tale.

It was brilliant a great cast of well COSTUMED believable actors. The SET DESIGN was amazing with PANELLED WALLS and MULLIONED STAINED GLASS WINDOWS.

You can understand how this PLAY has stood the TEST OF TIME, it has it’s own charm and you feel as if you are included in the goings on. It’s almost as if you are sat on a sofa the other side of the sitting room where the action takes place.

At the end of the performance we were all sworn to SECRECY by a member of the cast, as to who the MURDERER was, which has become a tradition.

I may have to keep Ronald under HOUSE-ARREST for a few weeks as he isn’t very good at keeping secrets. Either that or DISTRACT him with something!

Yours Mysteriously













My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, I feel quite BOLD in showing you this lovely picture of my CLEMATIS in my LADYGARDEN. As you can see it is quite BUSHY but then it is SPRING and we all know how the SAP RISES.

 Usually it is only Ronald who sees it but I thought I would share it with my dear friends in the hope it will give you a SMILE on this lovely spring morning. I will probably cut it back in the AUTUMN I like to keep it NEATER through the winter. 

I have also been planting some FLOWERING bulbs, I like something DIFFERENT popping up in my LADYGARDEN through the summer, don’t you? 

Yours Bushily




20140501-072219-pm.jpgRONALD’S RUG.
My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, please do admire, RONALD’S RUG and I don’t mean a HAIRPIECE, he still has all his own HAIR.

My dear friend Lydia came to the rescue of Ronald’s cold TOOTSIES and my struggle to knit the blanket strips into a BEDSIDE RUG.

You may remember my BIG KNITTING and my first effort was a rug to go by my bed. It was a huge struggle to juggle the enormous needles and the thick material but I did manage to finish my rug but my heart fell at the thought of knitting a second one for Ronald.

To the RESCUE rode the LADY LYDIA and with needles flying, CLICKATY-CLACK and a RATTA-TAT-TAT on tHe front door, she appeared like a KNITTING ANGEL with a complete RUG FOR RONALD.

Ronald does seem to come in for a bit of attention from the LADIES, he does have his own DEVILISH WAYS of PLUMBING THEIR DEPTHS and inspiring them to new heights.

Yours Indebtdly


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