My dear ladies and the occasional gentleman, this morning I woke up with a MUSTACHE and the first SEEDS of a BEARD! I didn’t go to bed with one! This morning I am clearly not going to win any BEAUTY CONTESTS other than one for a BEARDED LADY!

Tell me dear ladies and the occasional gentleman is there something called ‘THE HAIRY FAIRY’? Is she just like ‘THE TOOTH FAIRY’ but HAIRIER and comes from the ‘WRONG SIDE OF THE BLANKET’?

Quite by chance this morning whilst I was attacking SAID STRAGGLERS, I saw the QUITE SPECTACULARLY WONDERFUL CONCHITA WURST and realised that my little problem could in fact be something to embrace.
photo (3)

How could you not be in AWE of this MARVELOUS PERSONALITY with her AMAZING VOICE and FABULOUS DRESSES. I must admit to finding the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST a tinsy bit boring over the past few years but tonight dear friends I will be CHEERING for CONCHITA and our own MOLLY of course.

Yours Hirsutely


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