My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, my day started with this…….

A MOTHER’S DAY card, a lovely thought but I just wish I had shut the BATHROOM door before weighing myself! I have obviously scarred my darling son for life.

In the afternoon my dear friend Veronica and I went to a MOTHER’S DAY VINTAGE TEA. As all our offspring were absent we went together and were treated to delicious savouries and fabulous cakes.

We WADDLED back to my lovely SUMMERHOUSE where Veronica pulled from her RECEPTACLE A bottle of SPARKLING PINK MUSCATO. Apparently it was a gift from a young SOAP KITTEN. We thought it would be rude not to drink it, so we did.

There was a disturbing moment when Veronica declared herself a HERMAPHRODITE!

I can only assume it was something to do with the PINK DRINK! The word just seemed to bubble up with the MUSCATO. There were a few moments of complete silence until we both collapsed with the giggles.

Yours Bubbily



  1. I’m jealous of your summer house. And drinking muscato during the day. Of course, if it weren’t for having to drive my kids everywhere, I’d probably would have become one of those morning sherry alcoholics a long time ago.

    • Dear Barbara, I hope your not implying I am an alcoholic and it was the afternoon not the morning, so more acceptable. Yes our Mother’s Day is in March, you can look forward to yours in May. X

      • No no, I wasn’t implying that at all. Afternoons and Muscato are a COMPLETELY different thing altogether. It calls up images of refined, well-groomed ladies, rather than unwashed women in dusters.

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