My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, SHALLOTTS, it’s time to plant them. There is nothing tastier in your WINTER STEW than SHALLOTTS.

If you PLANT them now, PULL them in the Autumn, PLAIT them and HANG them in your shed. you can enjoy them over the winter.

All good so far but the problem lies in the fact I am still waiting for the garden in the front of the house to be fenced. Then I can have a RAISED VEGETABLE BED. So I had a little grumble to Ronald whilst showing him a picture of what was required and off he went to his shed. There was a lot of banging and screwing which Ronald is very fond of.

So now we have the constructed raised bed, we just have to place it in the garden. Now I can see a fairly WEED free rectangle that looks perfect but no Ronald decides to place it the opposite way, against a hedge with the weedy ground sloping away and where I won’t be able to get around it.


When the construction is in the right place Ronald takes a PICK-AXE and starts digging a long trench.

“What’s that for ” I ask

“To fit the box in” says Ronald, starting on the next tench.

“But it’s supposed to be a raised bed” says I

“It will be fine trust me” says Ronald knocking the edges even deeper into the ground.

So now I have a SUBTERRANEAN RAISED BED as you can see here.



Yours Satisfiedly



  1. Dear Ms. Ladygarden,

    Once again you have outdone even yourself with this posting which has brought me great delight. Upon close inspection I believe that Ronald and I may have attended the same construction class as I recognize similar techniques in wood working execution.


    • Dear Ms Debra, I thank you for your fulsome comments and I am delighted that you enjoy reading my Little Bliss. I am a little concerned however. You mention that you may have attended the same construction class as Ronald, I do hope you weren’t the reason he was late home on a few occasions? No of course not you are a lady.

      Kind Regards


      • Dear Ms. Celia,

        I can only gasp in astonishment at this accusation. Ronald seems to be a lovely creature but please allow me to offer some reassurance. When it comes to handy work, I turn to my husband when I seek assistance.


      • My dear Ms Debra please accept my sincere apologies. I don’t know what came over me I think it must have been the ascerbic tomato I had for tea. I am sure your handy husband can more than see to your needs. I hope that you can forgive me and that we can remain friends.

        Yours Apologetically


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