This morning I had an e-mail from ED BALLS. Now I don’t want you to think that this is a regular occurrence. We DO NOT COMMUNICATE regularly, He is not my friend on FACEBOOK. This e-mail came OUT OF THE BLUE.

You may be interested to hear what it was about but first I must say that his very EXTENSIVE EDUCATION did not install in him the usual COMMON COURTESIES a LADY expects. He addresses me as CELIA, no DEAR or MS LADYGARDEN OR MRS LADYGARDEN. I mean we have never been introduced, I have never met him or written to him but if I did I would not start my COMMUNICATION with ‘ED’ because I was brought up to have MANNERS. He even signs off as ‘ED’, no YOURS FAITHFULLY or YOURS SINCERELY, oh no just ‘ED’

Is this designed to install a NOTION of CHUMMINESS? Is he trying to be CASUAL? Or FRIENDLY? Is this what we must now expect from our POLITICIANS? I don’t think TONY BENN would have e-mailed me in this casual manner.

Anyway what ‘ED’ wanted, was to know if me and my family were BETTER OFF under this government and there were two BUTTONS to press, one marked YES and one marked NO. He said WAGES have gone down by £1600 a year under this government. Looking at ED’S picture, I don’t think he has had to go to any FOOD BANKS lately!

After the sign off ‘ED’, was another BUTTON marked DONATE……..

Well quite clearly I had misunderstood this message. ‘ED’ obviously was feeling THE PINCH!

He was asking me for a LOAN!

In CONTRAST I received a delightful POSTCARD from my granddaughter, addressed DEAR GRANNY and SIGNED with love. She hasn’t the benefit of a PRIVATE EDUCATION but at HOME and at her STATE SCHOOL she has been taught MANNERS and COMMON COURTESIES.


Yours Ballsily


6 thoughts on “EDD BALLS BUTTONS

  1. Oh boy, Britain is Americanizing. Pretty soon you will all be going to politicians’ stumps speeches on the village green and whoop and holler loudly whenever he or she says something catchy. You’ll know it’s catchy and that whooping and hollering expected because the crowd-warmer-upper will prepare you in advance,, practicing proper whooping and hollering on command whenever he raises his little Union Jack. So Ed (whatever his last name is–who cares) will say something catchy, the crowd-warmer-upper will raise his little Union Jack and you will obediently raise yours, too, and whoop and holler to such a degree that you will need to whet your whistle at the pub afterwards. Do they serve buffalo wings in pubs yet?


    • Barbara his surname really is BALLS, you couldn’t make it up. It’s a great name for a politician isn’t it? I don’t think there is any danger of a politician turning up on our village green. If it doesn’t happen in London, it doesn’t happen. Everything revolves around the capital city the MP’s forget about the rest of the country. That is until election time, then no doubt we will hear from them.


  2. Dear Ms. Ladygarden,

    I am horrified you had to endure such cheek. Perhaps I could send my son out to cane the fellow?

    =( On a sadder note, rest in peace, Tony Benn.



    • Dear Debra, if I may address you informally, thank you for sharing my outrage. I will decline your kind offer to send your son for I fear that me be a pleasure rather than a humiliation ( I’ve heard about what goes on in those private schools). However I am in complete agreement with your sentiments regarding the late great outstanding Tony Benn. Thank you for reading and following my ‘bliss’.
      Your Humble Servant


  3. Oh dear you have given me an image that I’m not sure I can forget. I am lunching with my dear friend Veronica today, I think we will avoid all tea shops just in case. How kind you are. Thank you so much for reading and following my ‘bliss’.


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