What a beautiful day apart from the chilly wind it has been. I thought I might chance it and plant some SUMMER BULBS but I was distracted and found myself moving a small unknown TREE in a pot to the side of the front door.

Which made me think of the ROSE I bought when my mother died and wanted to plant in a metal planter of hers, to sit on the patio.

When I looked in the metal planter which I thought was empty I found some TREE LILLY bulbs that came from mums. So I decided to get them in the ground as they were starting to shoot.

Which made me fetch the fork and dig up an ORNAMENTAL GRASS ,to make room for the LILLIES but realised there was room for a ROSE cutting that I had taken last year and now needed planting, which I did.

The ORNAMENTAL GRASS I popped in a tub for my dear friend Theresa.

Which made me remember the HELLIBORE I had promised her, so I dug that up too and popped it into a tub.

By which time I decided I had done enough so sat in the SUMMER HOUSE with a glass of WHITE WINE and a TUNA roll.

Sometimes I think I am a slave to DISTRACTION!

Yours Distractedly


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