What a lovely day, I was able to go out in just a cardigan, I do like a cardigan, and do some gardening.

I expect I am not alone in once I have started I get carried away, Ronald is always telling me to slow down. He is such a SILLY-BILLY , us ladies know that we can keep going far longer than you occasional gentlemen. We are even HAPPY DOING IT ON OUR OWN.

Ronald was VACUUMING and cleaning the inside of my little SOFT-TOP FIAT 500, he is such a dear. So I thought I would take the opportunity of SAWING a ROGUE branch off my WEEPING CHERRY. I thought to have had it done by the time Ronald was finished, otherwise he would have insisted on doing it.

Just a little problem I could not use my right hand as my shoulder is too painful so I attempted it with my left. I had the CO-ORDINATION of a DRUNKEN SAILOR which did not help but with PERSEVERANCE I managed to get the SAW STUCK halfway through whilst trying to support the heavy branch and stop it falling on any plants, all the time BALANCING on the edge of a wall.

It was at this point that I realised I was STUCK! I couldn’t let go of the SAW, I couldn’t let go of the BRANCH and my arms were feeling as if they would drop off.

I peered over the top of the FENCE across the PARK and across the FIELDS to where I could see my dear friend Teresa’s house, wondering if she would be looking across to the VILLAGE in her BINOCULARS. She does like to keep an eye on us all and if she was SPYING , I mean looking, then she might see my PLIGHT.

You will be relieved to know that Ronald came out to fetch something from his shed and RESCUED me; which was necessary but still made me cross.

Yours Weedily


4 thoughts on “HAPPY DOING IT ON OUR OWN

  1. My dearest Celia, please accept my sincere apologies for not being there for you in your hour of need. I was indeed looking across the park this afternoon, with our friend Gwendoline. But I am afraid we were rather focused on “Baby G” (no relation to Ali G). He is the sweetest little newborn black lamb. He is still rather wobbly on his legs, and has a very high pitched baaa, but his mother appears to be doing a good job looking after him. Kippling the ginger cat rather fancied playing with him, but I don’t believe he is quite ready for that yet.


  2. I think you may have to start leaving the high jobs to Ronaldo, or get in a young man who is able to help and you are able to watch. Much nicer with a cup of Earl .


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