20140217-025613-pm.jpgSLUT’S WOOL & CROWN, sounds like a PUBLIC HOUSE as in PUB or TRENDY WINE BAR.

It started with the CROWN which the PRINCIPLE BOY had part made, the red QUILTED part. My job was to finish it and as you can see from the picture, I added some GOLD and SILVER trim over the red with a Christmas bauble on top as an enormous jewel with some more trim around. Finished off with a band of ‘ERMINE’, really a piece of cream VELVET with spots drawn on with a black felt-tip pen, with a row of sequins on top edge. It will look good on the stage.

My dear ladies and occasional gentleman I apologise for the ‘SLUT’S WOOL’ remark but that is an old DEVON expression for the DUST that collects and forms a fibre that looks like one could KNIT with it.
Where does it come from? Now I don’t want you to think I have a dirty house because that is not true. Ronald is always VACUUMING and TIDYING up, it is one of his many good qualities. Still this SLUT’S WOOL appears!

How does this stuff appear from nowhere? You VACUUM, clean floor, two days later SLUT’s WOOL.

Yours Dustily


4 thoughts on “SLUT’S WOOL & CROWN

    • Dear Lady Linda, Ronald does not have a belly big enough to contain such matter, you may remember what a delicate eater he is. I must say I am impressed you have finally come to terms with Rupert being ‘ALL AT SEA’.

      I don’t wish to malign Rupert but I heard that the WREN was ‘SHIPSHAPE AND BRISTOL FASHION ‘when Rupert who was ‘FULL TO THE GUNWALES’, ‘WEIGHED ANCHOR’ and ‘PUT A SHOT ACROSS HER BOWS’, ‘GETTING UNDERWAY’ ‘HARD AND FAST’ before leaving her ‘HIGH AND DRY!’.


  1. Dear celia what a memory you have for gossip that must be 25 years ago .I still remember her 9months later looking like a ship in full sail! As the saying goes all the nice girls love a sailor and even some naughty ones.
    Lady Linda


    • I apologise dear Lady Linda for dredging the sands of time to haul up secrets from your family’s murky depths. It’s probably as painful as catching your extremities on a barnacle. I shall batten down the hatches and refer no more to Rupert’s rampages through the ranks of wrens. Celia


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