I thought you might be interested to see, my dear mothers elderly small SUITCASE. One of my earliest memories is of mum popping a letter in her case. She was a great letter writer and my brother and I were encouraged from an early age to write letters especially THANK YOU LETTERS. When we were very small these were small little notes with just a few words and our names painstakingly formed, often with a little stick figure picture.

This letter writing was quite a painful experience for my brother who struggled with his reading and writing when young and having me as a little sister who was reading and writing by the time I reached 4 made it harder. But however long it took it would be finished and mum would place the letters carefully in an envelope and we would take turns in posting them in the letter box.

What excitement we felt when we received a LETTER or a POSTCARD and if I am honest I still enjoy receiving a proper letter now even though they are very few. Most of us use E-MAIL, TEXT or other SOCIAL MEDIA to communicate and that’s great because we all love to hear from our friends and family but there isn’t anything quite like a hand written letter.

My mother’s case contained every single letter and thank you note she had received dating from 1949, including letters she had sent my father when they were COURTING. Letters and notes from family including children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and letters from friends. A WHOLE LIFETIME OF LETTERS. What a gift she has left us, a case full of history.

Lining the bottom of the case was a piece of NEWSPAPER dated  25 August 1964 and has an advert for the forerunner of cheap flights amongst other gems. Funnily enough I once worked for this newspaper.

This has made me think that perhaps I should make an effort to write and send more letters, notes and cards. I have even purchased a storage box from the charity shop to start my own collection of MAKTUBAT.

Yours Writely



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