20140213-081343 pm.jpg
As you can see my dear ladies and occasional gentleman, HIRSUTE ROLEY is snuggled in for the duration. I think he has the right idea.
Have all the POUND SHOPS/STORES etc taken over our HIGH STREETS along with CHARITY SHOPS? It seems that the brand new goods in these shops are cheaper at a £1 a pop than the items in the Charity Shops which have become more EXPENSIVE.

It is a TOPSY-TURVY WORLD. Especially after the HURRICANE FORCE WINDS. In the village there are fences down, sheds blown away, along with trampolines, toys, chairs, bins and small animals.

We were treated to the strange sight of a CROW trying to fly in an easterly direction, being blown by the wind in a westerly direction and looking like it was being DANGLED BY A PIECE OF STRING outside of our window.

Yours Windily



  1. What a gorgeous girl, a real-life teddy bear. They fill a large space in our lives don’t they. I don’t think hirsute Roley will be going for a walk this afternoon, he is only little. He would be blown away as the wind is so strong again.


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