Oh what a night, 70+ miles an hour winds and torrential rain.

The 6ft fence that borders our garden had a panel that decided
to LIMBO backwards. Ronald went out into the GALE and roped it to the LARGE GARDEN GNOME that was my dear mothers.

THE GNOME was a gift the Christmas before she passed. Ronald and my son had crept into her garden at about 1am in the early hours of the morning and dug a hole in her lawn to sit it in. She had been so thrilled when she woke up and saw it out of the window that I didn’t have the heart to part with it.

When we cleared her house he was trundled up to our home on a SACK-TROLLEY because he is so big and heavy. Hence the reason why Ronald had used him as an ANCHOR.

This morning we awoke to another day of torrential rain, hail-stones, gale force winds and the GNOME LEVITATING APPROXIMATELY 9 INCHES OFF THE GROUND HORIZONTALY!

Yours Windily


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