Oh  dear, this morning Ronald was ruffled and I don’t just mean his hair, which was sticking up all over following his shower.. He had a look of Stan Laurel about him.

The other day he purchased an extremely large tin of TREACLE from good old LIDLS. Image

Now I am aware of his fancy for TREACLE but this is rather a large tin; perhaps he is thinking there may be a run on TREACLE, or maybe he is going to extend it’s usage.

We arrive at the MULTI-TASKING activity.There he was this morning with his porridge just out of the microwave, his treacle tin and spoon ready, when he decided he would feed little hirsute Roley. So now he also has a dog bowl, dog food, porridge and treacle lined up on the unit. 

My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, you are probably ahead of me here and have a good idea of what’s to come.

Ronald takes out the dog mixer biscuits from the cupboard and puts some in the dog bowl, all good so far. He returns the DOG BISCUITS to the cupboard and picks up the dog food, sticks in the spoon and heads for the PORRIDGE ………………………

Yours Chucklingly




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