Oh dear poor Veronica, SHE HAS BEEN SPAMMED !

I must admit, my dear ladies and occasional gentleman, I was rather SURPRISED to receive an e-mail about ‘GREEN COFFEE BEANS’ being a wonder WEIGHT LOSS AID.

What I thought was Veronica implying? That I needed to lose weight? And who is DR OZ who had promoted these WONDER BEANS on his TELEVISION show?

It was a puzzle but not one I could deal with as I have been busy making a ROMANTIC ‘MR DARCY’ type shirt all day for ‘Mellors’ in the PANTOMIME. You will be pleased to know I finished it in time for this evenings rehearsal, where I was going to fit it on ‘Mellors’ but on arrival his wife proudly showed me a shirt SHE had made last night! She was so pleased with herself and thought she had been helping. So you will also be pleased to know I didn’t WHACK her around the ears with my shirt as I am a lady. I kept mine hidden in my bag, GRRRH, GNASHING OF TEETH!

Checking FACEBOOK on my arrival home, I see a message from Veronica explaining that her account had been HIJACKED and SPAMMED. What a relief, she can’t think I need to lose weight after all. I’m off to make a cup of tea and open a bag of MALTESERS.

Yours Gnashingly



  1. Well, what a coincidence, Ms Celia. Here you were making a Darcy shirt while I was watching a 1980 mini series of Pride and Prejudice with R! She announced yesterday in an email (she’s 14 and lives with us) that she’s going to be Ilisabith (she has language challenges) in Pride and Prichatous, and would I know who that is. They’re filming tomorrow! I’m not impressed with Netflix’s collection of movies, but I’m even less impressed with that mini-series. Yawn! I must buy the movie tomorrow and hope the girls didn’t get the whole thing filmed over lunch.

    • The best adaptation to watch is the BBC’s 1995 mini-series with Colin Firth as Mr Darcy. The image of him stripping of to his shirt and wading through the lake to reach Elizabeth is etched in my brain. I have a friend who wore the DVD out replaying this scene.

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