Hello my dear ladies and occasional gentleman, WHAT ARE YOU ALL WEARING? I hope ladies you are wearing something suitably ladylike and you gentlemen are SARTORIALLY elegant.

I will explain why, this morning I met my dear friend Veronica (veronicagoesviral) at at small shopping centre for COFFEE and a chat. Before we went for a repast we popped into the M & S OUTLET STORE. WHAT IS GOING ON, WHO ARE THESE CLOTHES MADE FOR? Certainly not for myself or Veronica, apart from a DARK BLUE LINEN LINED SKIRT that was a bargain and in the sale at £7.00 and the odd staple item, the colours patterns and fabrics were quite BIZARRE! I can quite see why their share have dropped. Who is designing these clothes, who are they meant for and for what age group it is difficult to tell.

We enjoyed our AMERICANOS, mine with hot milk, Veronica’s with cold whilst we bemoaned the lack of lovely wearable individual clothes that are made for real women and gossiped.

We left and were saying our goodbyes when Veronica espied a woman sat outside the cafe opposite with her husband. I am not sure what was worse, the tatty KNITTED POM-POM HAT WITH EAR-FLAPS or the CIGARETTE hanging out of her mouth. If it had been freezing cold and we were up to our knees in snow, it would have been acceptable but it was at least 12 degrees and WE WERE IN A SHOPPING PRECINCT.

Before anyone starts sending me nasty messages, I am not saying everyone should be spending lots of money on clothes and make-up, I am an avid CHARITY/THRIFT shop forager and UPCYCLER. We should just try and make the best of what we have.

Ladies let us always try to look our best, not for any other reason other than it makes us feel good.

By the way Ronald is ECSTATIC his CERAMIC PANS have arrived!

Yours Elegantly


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