My dear ladies and the occasional gentleman, today is my lovely mum’s birthday. As you may remember she passed last summer so today has been a difficult day. To my surprise as I made a cup of tea this morning, the doorbell rang and there was my lovely daughter come to spend the day with me.

We walked around to the church yard and laid some flowers on the grave. We stood in the cold wind but with the sun shining laughing as we shared wonderful MEMORIES and crying because we miss her every day.

As we stood there looking out we could see the new WIND-TURBINE that had just been erected in a field just outside the village. We looked at each other and knew that mum would have been saying “what on earth did they put that thing there for?”

We then had a “nana day” as my children would say. We drove to the seaside at WESTWARD HO! and went to the CHARITY SHOP.

This is a very special charity shop, they offer all their clothes and other items at extremely low prices to help local people. They also have raised an enormous sum of money for the NEW CHEMOTHERAPY UNIT APPEAL as well as funding a COMFY PEOPLE CARRIER to transport people from North Devon who must travel five days a week to EXETER for RADIOTHERAPY or CHEMOTHERAPY at no charge. So congratulations to all of the wonderful volunteers who work there.

The TWO LADIES who served us were delightful and so friendly, so if you are in the area do pop along to THE NORTH DEVON CANCER CARE CENTRE TRUST SHOP or NDCCCT and grab yourself a few bargains.

We then went and had a delicious PANINI with SALAD for lunch looking out over the wonderful SANDY BAY with the waves crashing to shore.

Ronald had to stay at home as he was waiting for his new PANS to be delivered.

Yours Seasidely


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