As you can see I have finished three PRINCESS  FROCKS. For two of them I gathered some VOILE into a rose and attached to the skirt, the other end I gathered into a ROSE and attached to an elastic wrist band, so that when they dance the fabric will billow. The third dress I attached the fabric to each shoulder, then gathered the other end into a ROSE and attached to a wrist band.

I am now tackling the DAME’S FROCK and I have stitched a curtain wire into the bottom to make it swing out. It was a little to long and needed to be cut. I could not manage on my own and had to ask Ronald to get his TOOL out. Tomorrow I need to make bulky swags to attach.

This morning I visited one of my lady friends, she is an ARTIST and has kindly agreed to paint the PRINCESSES BED for the PANTOMIME, with twenty MATTRESSES and twenty QUILTS. She served COFFEE and TIFFIN how tasty. I suggested that she start her own BLISS as I am sure you would love to see some of her beautiful PICTURES and other ART WORK. I will show you the finished bed.

Yours Tiffinly


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