Happy Sunday my dear ladies and occasional gentleman, I believe it is ‘HAPPINESS WEEK’ somewhere in the world this week.

Ronald went into town for his SUNDAY PAPERS this morning and the young lady with the RUBENESQUE figure was overcome by a gigantic yawn.

“Heavy night?” enquired Ronald

“No” replied RUBENESQUE young woman, “I’m pregnant, and I am constantly tired”

“Oh” replied a bemused Ronald.

As he explained to me on returning home ” How could she tell she was PREGNANT, she was big enough to fit six babies in and not notice!”.

That’s EVOLUTION I told him, the younger generation are all getting bigger, just as we are bigger than our grandparents.

“They should have more self-control over their eating” said Ronald pouring his second glass of GUINNESS.

This afternoon I shall be MAKING-OVER a ‘DAMES’ dress it needs a little TARTING up, here is the before picture, hopefully the after picture will show an improvement. I also have some princess dresses to do.

20140119-010707 pm.jpg

Yours Sewingly


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