What a day dear ladies and the occasional gentleman, it started with HIRSUTE ROLEY being served an ASBO. He is distraught as am I.

Then to add to his woes we took him to the vet because he has EARACHE. He was quite happy to enter the vets, he loves the NURSESIMG_0128 and the other doggy patients but when it was our turn to go into THE EXAMINATION ROOM, he braced himself as if against a force 10 gale and refused. You could see him thinking ” the last time I went in there; the buggers shoved something up my bum!” (please excuse his language)

So 15 minutes, ear drops and a DOGGY MANICURE later I was £45 lighter! But he’s worth it.

To get back to the ASBO, apparently there have been complaints about Roley being exercised in the churchyard. As you know my dear mother passed in the summer and Roley and I occasionaly on our daily walk, have taken to popping into the CHURCHYARD to visit her grave and have a chat. He was always on a lead and in no-way were we disrespectful. But a notice has gone up on the LYCHGATE ‘NO DOGS ALLOWED IN THE CHURCHYARD’

My dear ladies and occasional gentleman do you feel as sad as I feel? I thought all GOD’s creatures were welcome, some churchyards sensibly have sheep to keep the grass down. I am sorry if I have offended anybody but I am sorry that I cannot visit with my little dog who is a comfort to me.

Yours Sadly


One thought on “EARACHE, ASBO & MANICURE

  1. I am as sad and amazed as you are Dearest Celia about Roleys ASBO. Its the same for me with the injunction against me from Mr Penrose. Who would have though Celia, Veronica , and Roley would end up in the criminal classes. My sympathy dear.x


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