What a busy day I say as the clock ticks past midnight. Even though it is late I just thought I will update you . Actually I’ m not sure what that means, does it mean you don’t know the date and you need me to tell you? Oh well heigh ho.

This morning Gloria, Morello and I went hunting in the sales for pantomime costumes. Morello insisted on a COFFEE to carry around not 3 minutes after we had parked! She knows how I I feel about eating and drinking on the streets, it’s just not LADYLIKE. the only time it is acceptable is at the seaside. Apart from that I find it extremely difficult to drink out of a plastic container with a lid on, they are simply not designed for drinking from.

There was a sticky moment in the DR BARNARDOS charity shop when Gloria picked up a ladies sparkly top and enquired “do you think this will fit Stephan? It will go with his skirt”? The grey-haired lady with the blue DAMART coat, shopping trolley and her jaw down to her knees felt compelled to say “well it takes all sorts”. Gloria hastened to assure her this was a panto costume but she was not convinced. “You don’t have to explain yourself to me love, whatever FLOATS YOUR BOAT” she said as she slid past a rack of gilets that had seen better days, dragging half of them off in her wake.

Of course Morello found herself a brand new pair of SKINNY JEANS, for £3, she has her own personal radar.

Tonight we dolled out the costumes and then went straight into rehearsal until Morello arrived to teach one of the dance numbers. My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, I do try to learn the dances as well but the arm movements in this dance were like an ITALIAN POLICEMAN directing traffic at SPAGHETTI JUNCTION. My arm popped in and out of it’s sockets more times than an MP pops in and out of PARLIAMENT.

After rehearsals there was a friends 30th BIRTHDAY PARTY and Ronald and I have been strutting our stuff on the dance floor and taking a little drink or two, which is why this BLISS is coming to you at 33 minutes past midnight.

Must dash Ronald’s nearly finished his HORLICKS!

Yours Merrily


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