This morning there were THREE COMEDY MOMENTS.


The first, when I read a piece in the Sunday Times on MICHAEL GOVE who says that television shows such as ‘BLACKADDER’ have misrepresented the FIRST WORLD WAR; if I remember rightly General Haig and the politicians of the day did a good job of that, not that I was around at the time. 

In my opinion Mr Gove,  underestimatesTHE INTELLIGENCE OF OUR CHILDREN AND THE HIGH QUALITY OF OUR TEACHERS,  who DO NOT  say to their students this programme is FACTUAL. These programmes underpin the reference books and the WAR POETRY they study.

Does Mr Gove also think that some of our greatest war poets such as SIEGFRIED SASOON “How To Die” or WILFRED OWEN “Dulce et Decorum Est” also misrepresent WW1. Indeed Sasoon made a ‘DECLARATION AGAINST WAR’ partly because of POLITICAL ERRORS.

In my experience programmes such as this and the more current ‘HORRIBLE HISTORIES ‘ are invaluable in engaging young people in our HISTORY AND CULTURE. If you haven’t watched the BLACKADDER WW1 series, I recommend that you do and I doubt any of my dear ladies and occasional gentleman will not be moved by the very last episode. I have also had the privilege of taking part in the wonderful ‘OH WHAT A LOVELY WAR’ where not only the audiences but the actors were moved to tears.

The SECOND COMEDY MOMENT came when GEORGE OSBOURNE announced spending cuts of 25 billion but promised a better future for the children and people of Britain.

The THIRD COMEDY MOMENT came when Ronald climbed the step-ladder with the 6ft Christmas tree with lights packed in an enormous box clutched in his arms; when he was half-way up he started to sway backwards with the weight of the tree and nearly ended up in A & E with bits of seasonal fir tree in various orifices. Thankfully I arrived in time to counter-balance and send him soaring into the loft!

Yours Politicaly


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  1. Yes. Isn’t it wonderful to have an education Secretary who is so on the ball! Does Cameron realize that House of Cards was fiction? Or is whichever minion concerned with tourism about to ban Fawlty Towers on the grounds it gives hoteliers a bad name? Mind you, Boys from the Black Stuff and Cathy Come Home seem strangely relevant today


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