PRINCESSES, POTATOES, PORT & VERBIAGE. Sunday, another wet and windy day, I knew I shouldn’t have given Ronald extra BRUSSELL SPROUTS.

Last night was our first rehearsal for this years village PANTOMIME, ‘THE PRINCESS AND THE PEA’ which I write with certain people in mind and which I had cast, following a read-through. Problems, last night more girls turned up who want to be PRINCESSES in the panto and someone else informed me that they would not be able to be a PRINCESS after all. So I was able to fill one role with one of the extras and today I have to write some extra lines for the other two DIVAS. It’s a good job my mind is full of MISCELLANY, I should be able to come up with some NONSENSICLE VERBIAGE!

My friend Veronica telephoned me as she is full of EXCITING IDEAS for the NEW YEAR; one of which is starting her own ‘BLISS’. I will let you know more as she gets to grip with the TECHNOLOGY.

Well I am off to pour a little PORT whilst I boil the POTATOES up ready for ROASTINGROAST POTATOES. Once they are in the oven I shall leave them to Ronald he likes a good toss before dinner. He says I don’t turn over enough so he likes to do it for himself.

Yours Portingly


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