Decided we needed to go on a post-Christmas walk this morning. Hirsute Roley was definitely in favour and got rather excited. Ronald didn’t, he retired to the toilet with his new CHRISTMAS KINDLE. Which I had bought him because as you may remember my dear ladies and occasional gentleman he claimed Hirsute Roley had jumped on and broken the last one!

Harold the CROSS-DRESSING librarian will no doubt miss his visits. He has been using Ronald as an AGONY AUNT. His most pressing problem appears to be Dolly Dalrimple, her of the hairy chest, GAULOISES smoking Library Assistant. She apparently purchased from LIDLS an ELECTRIC EPILATOR for £14.99. A bargain you may think, I tend to believe you get what you pay for; in Dolly’s case it was a bad bout of FACIAL NAPPY RASH. I am not sure the manufacturers meant it to tackle a 5 O’CLOCK SHADOW! Or in Dolly’s case an 11.45 am shadow.

Harold keeps escaping behind the MILLS & BOONS when she demands he feels it, her rash I mean. He is going to be very disappointed now Ronald isn’t popping in for a HARLAN COBEN.

Well off to put the WELLIES on.

Yours Walkingly


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