DIVAS, DINNERS & DAEDAL. Yes dear ladies and the occasional gentleman, it is SHOW-WEEK

Friday nights rehearsal was particularly fraught, so fraught that Morrelo and Veronica broke into a box of FRUITY WHITE WINE that was meant for the bar on a performance night!  There were TEARS, TANTRUMS AND TACENDAS and we were left at the end of the evening having only gone through the first half of the show thinking that we would book a cheap long weekend in BRUGES instead.

Sunday morning’s rehearsal with the aim of running the whole show started well and continued in this vein THANK SHAKESPEARE. Afterwards the majority of the cast along with husbands sped to the village hall for the ANNUAL ROAST DINNER event. After settling into our various seats and filling our glasses with THE FINEST VINO we pulled our crackers, donned our party hats and entered into the jolly spirit.

To decide which table could go up first to be served dinner a quiz question was asked.

“What was the size of the parish in acreage, the population and the size of bodies of water In 1884?”

All on our table were scratching their heads when suddenly the number popped into my head 3,984. Unfortunately I thought that the answers had to be totalled and then divided by their number 3, when in fact the answers should have been added together. Oh well HO-HUM.

The dinner was delicious and we were all tucking in when Ronald’s knife suddenly lunged for me, hitting me on the arm, leaving a trail of BEEF GRAVY, bouncing off and a piece of beef flew through the air, hit the ceiling and landed next to Veronica’s plate. Ronald May have had a snifter before dinner and the wine!

I became a little impatient waiting to be told our table could go up for pudding and grabbing Veronica’s hand forced my way through the elderly ladies and others making there way up, indeed Veronica nearly flattened a vertically challenged gentleman who ended up facing completely the wrong way and looking confused as to what had happened.But we had the pick of the puddings and were making our way back to our table when we were rumbled by THE LOCAL FUNERAL DIRECTOR, who had been last seen by us with Veronica’s brassiere over his head (see film in show) who enjoyed OUTING us to the rest of the diners! A lovely village event.

So tonight is our dress & tech rehearsal before the first night of our show on Thursday , then Friday and Saturday night.

So wish us all luck, break a leg etc and hope we raise a good sum of money for the CHEMOTHERAPY APPEAL.

Yours Excitedly


One thought on “DIVAS, DINNER & DAEDAL

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