FEMALE TRANSPORT – FISH AND CHIPS.  Last night Theresa, Gwendoline and I went to the theatre. We watched a very interesting play about the transport of female criminals to Van Diemans’s land. The set and lighting was very clever and it felt just as if you were looking into a real ship. The cast were excellent and portrayed the horror of life on board ship, manacled, beaten and abused, the sickness and squalor. But also the relationships between the women, the infighting, comfort and caring. Congratulations to all involved.

An enjoyable evening only marred by Gwendoline. We were passing the FISH AND CHIP shop on the way back to the car and as I had only eaten some baked beans on toast at mid-day I decided to partake of a FISH SUPPER which I would take home and share with Ronald. He likes a bite late at night.

Theresa decided to have a ladies portion of chips but Gwendoline declined on account of her being on a diet!

Whilst waiting for our supper Gwendoline was telling us about her cousin who works in London and travels on the buses. Aparently whilst he is waiting at bus stops and sitting in traffic he writes on social networking. Fine you may think, no problem with that but then dear Gwendoline goes on to say to me ” He doesn’t half write a load of c..p, just like you”.

Well dear ladies and the occasional gentleman to say I was shocked is to put it too mildly.

“How very dare you “I replied looking at her sternly “are you referring to my BLISS ? (As you know dear readers I do not like the word BLOG, too vulgar) My readers are discerning, intelligent they would not read c..p.

Theresa was looking shocked, the fish & chip ladies were looking shocked, even the cod turned up it’s tail. Gwendoline started back-tracking

“But it’s very funny I only meant he writes rubbish, about nothing”


“Yours isn’t rubbish, I just meant that he writes like you about ordinary things and people”

Luckily our fish supper was ready at that point so conversation with big boots on was supended. To top it all when I dropped her at home she vacated the car taking my fish supper with her, I only just retrieved it in time.

I don’t think that dieting agrees with Gwendoline.

Yours crushedly


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