How thrilled Ronald and I were to be asked to be Godparents to the Little Prince George and pleased that they had chosen to name him after Ronald’s middle name. And how excited I was to be e-mailed by the Queen, making sure that we didn’t wear the same colour outfit.

Ronald decided to wear his white linen suit because he had heard that it was going to be an informal affair but I’m not sure the JOHN TRAVOLTA look was quite right. Of course it was such short notice that I didn’t have the time to buy a new hat. So I whipped out my number 8 needles and my WOMENS WEEKLY 1937 KNITTING BOOK ‘HATS FOR ALL OCCASIONS’ and luckily I had some PEA-GREEN, ORGANIC, BAMBOO, CASHMILLON, HANDSPUN, CHUNKY RAFFIA DOUBLE WOOL, that I had put by. So I settled down with a large GIN & TONIC and created.

If you look at the pictures you will just see me and the hat to the left of THE QUEEN, you cannot see poor Ronald as he was trapped behind the COUNTESS CAMILLA. The Duke was so funny, he asked me if he could TICKLE MY FANCY with my hat feather, what larks.

The food could have been better, I don’t think CORNBEEF & PICKLE VOL-AU-VENTS are suitable for the Queen, And the SCOTCH EGGS with the little cross of St George flags in were just common.

Of course PIPPA PARTYPLANNER had organised the food, so say no more!

THE QUEEN has promised to send me some photographs and I have promised to send her the hat pattern.

Yours Royaly


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