Yesterday my dear friend Veronica and I set off to visit a friend in hospital. We drove across the moors in beautiful sunshine and stopped at a pretty little market town for a forage, Veronica does love a forage. Walking from the car park past the rushing water-weir whilst beautiful, encouraged a pressure in the ladygarden area but not enough to entice us to use the public lavatory!.
Entering the indoor market we chatted to a few of the stall holders and enjoyed looking at the lovely crafts on offer. I purchased some pretty buttons and ribbon and then we left to find a tea-rooms with a lavatory.

We located a lovely little tea-room with real ladies but unfortunately no room. “Come back in 10 minutes” one of the real ladies said, so we went for a rummage in the charity shop.

We also found a ladies dress shop with original, wearable and in lovely fabrics clothes for real women. We were offered coffee, how civilised, you don’ t get that in PRIMARK. Veronica tried on a CURELEAN BLUE tunic and fell in love, I do believe we may be taking a return trip for said tunic.

In the lovely tea-rooms the lovely real ladies brought us a pot of tea and whilst waiting for lunch Veronica ventured to the lavatory, unfortunately an elderly gentleman arrived there first. I was relieved that Veronica went in after him and I was able to follow her. It was a real lavatory with a proper flush, real soap and paper hand towels, I can’t be doing with those machines that blow you off.

I was seated in the waiting room of the heart ward in the hospital whilst Veronica visited. Sat opposite an elderly gentleman in a peaked cap and overcoat even though it was about 75 degrees, his son and daughter-in-law and next to me a gentleman of about 45. The elderly gentleman went through a list of all the hospitals he had been in and some of the various operations, he then pointed to himself and said ” this blood isn’t mine you know, oh no, 26 pints I,ve had of someone else,s” ?

The 45 year old then said “I had a new valve fitted and it clicks” .

Old man, “I’ve got one of them”.

45 years old “they told me not to smoke, but I did, now all my valves are blocked up”

Son ” do you still smoke?”

45 year old ” I’ve got one of those electric cigarettes”

Old man, “I’ve got one of those (banging his chest)

Son, ” no you haven’t dad

Old man,” yes I have”

Son, ” he’s talking about an electric cigarette”

Old man, ” I knew that”

Three sets of eyes then locked on me, “are you having a heart op”?

“Not me, keep away from the healing hands”.

We stopped on the moor on the way home and ate the delicious almond and cherry tart dessert that the lovely ladies in the tea-room had put in a box for us.

Yours stickily


20131017-125755 pm.jpg

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