CELIA AND VERONICA VENTURE FORTH. How exciting we are off to the Theatre .My lovely daughter with the ARTISTIC BENT has obtained tickets for us to see ‘Kaberet’ starring William Young who I understand is a lovely singer songwriter, he probably has an artistic bent too. What Larks!
Even more exciting we have to catch the train. One of our favourites is the ‘MINERVA’ Built in 1927 and served many Pullman routes. Joined the Devon Belle in 1947 and the Golden Arrow in 1951, being used in the special Festival of Britain rake. Often included in special trains for state visits and royal use in the early 50s.

Which of course suits myself and Veronica, nothing like A TOUCH OF CLASS.  What a naughty pair we are as we tuck our KNICKERS into our handbags, nothing we love more than a VELVET PLUSH PULLMAN close to our fa……  pre-lunch cocktail, served by a smartly dressed waiter with a few horse-derves. CLICKETY-CLACK, CLICKETY-CLACK what perfect rythm until speeding up to the junction, faster, faster until WHOO-WHOO goes the whistle.

Yours Excitedly


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