THRILLS, TINGLES & X-RAYS on a Wednesday?
Having to attend the hospital for some x-rays, I dressed with the knowledge that I would probably have to undress in a confined space with speed. Accordingly I wore some elasticated waist trousers with a tunic top. Whilst in the waiting room a nurse approached with the query “are those elasticated?” Damn I thought no one would notice. “Yes” I replied
“Fine, then you can stay dressed” Great how lucky no embarrassing hospital gown with the BARE-ALL BACK.

She sent me to some chairs outside the x-ray room, I sat. A very good looking young man came out, walked away from me back to the waiting room and called my name. A very drab woman jumped up and said “That’s me”
Strange, Celia Ladygarden is not a common name, so I called out “excuse me” but drab-woman was excercising her jaws drowning me out.
I called again “excuse me” no effect, decided situation called for my authoritarian voice.
Good looking young man turns sees me and even though I am wearing elasticated trousers, recognises that my stylish dress, coiffed hair and ladylike demeanour matches the name of CELIA LADYGARDEN.
Drab woman defeated sits.
What a charming young man; his greeting of “hello Celia how nice to meet you” put me at ease and as he explained what was to happen I relaxed.
Laying on the bed as he leant over and asked me in a husky voice if I had on any belts, buckles or zips my tummy did a little flip. Then he gently but firmly placed his rather lovely hands firmly either side of my waist.
“Just checking where your hip bones are”
My dear ladies and the occasional gentleman I have to confess to heightened emotions and tingles in areas that Ronald seems to have misplaced.
In fact I couldn’t help myself I just had to keep putting myself in the wrong position so that he could keep adjusting me!
Alas all too soon it was over and his reply to my thanks “It was a pleasure”
“No the pleasure was all mine”

Yours Pleasuredly


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