CRABS ANYONE? Pocohontas, Little Nanook and hirsute Roley inspect their catch.

An extremely viscious crustacean, cross at being hauled out of the sea once again by little people and their enticing bacon bits. Having previously been caught and suffered loss of limbs by an unknown assailant; it wasn’t best pleased to repeat the experience and with thoughts of crab sandwiches in it’s head, demonstrated this by a malevolent snap with a resultant cut to Little Nanook’s index finger.

Pocohontas & Little Nanook decided to return said crusty and proceeded WITHOUT caution down the slippery slipway to the sea. Pocohontas acting like Dangerous Doris went even further down some crumbling steps giving me heart palpitations and a desperate need for the ‘Ladies’.

Little Nanook sensibly decided he would remain at a safer position and crusty could take his chances and he spun around flinging the creature at high velocity from the bucket in a perfect arc and rapidly dropping the few feet or so back to his watery home.

Picnicking on fresh cod & chips with lashings of salt & vinegar eaten straight from the paper, whilst looking out at the yachts sailing past. The perfect end to the summer holidays.

Yours Crabbily


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