Black dog on my shoulder, is that the right expression? I have not really a dog on my shoulder that would be silly or even funny but I still have those meloncholy feelings. Or does that mean I fancy a piece of fruit?

I am knitting a pair of shoes for a bear, green with pink soles and a pink bar across the top. Whilst I am knitting the black dog goes for a walk. Unfortunately I cannot knit for 24 hours a day.

Yours knittingly



Absence makes the heart grow fonder. At least that is what I hope my dear ladies and occasional gentleman.

My beloved mother has died and those of you who have experienced the same loss will understand how this sends you floating through life seemingly unattached to the earth. Unable to function coherently and struggling to do the things that need doing.

My mother was an incredible survivor and endured many heartaches always greeting everyone with her lovely smile.

I have been showered with love, care, support and incredible kindness.

Therefore I must go forward with my life, live it to the full as mother would have wanted.

So I will lightly apply my make-up, coiffure my hair, put on my twin-set and pearls, tighten my bush and launch back into life.

Yours Bravely


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