PHYSICIAN HEAL THYSELF it is a funny old phrase but if any of my lovely ladies and occasional gentleman have spent time in our hospitals, they will recognise the irony.

Observing the NURSES DOCTORS and other staff whilst my mother is in hospital is fascinating. They are attempting to heal, nurse and advise patients when perhaps they ignore the self-same advice.

I am amazed at how many FAT NURSES there are. Yesterday I was in the queue behind a male nurse who appeared to be 6 months pregnant and who purchased a large portion of chips at 5. O’clock in the afternoon. What a pity it is that the hospital cafe offers chips. Certainly the uniform comes in XL, XXL sizes. Now please don’t take this as a criticism of the NHS. The hospital apart from one or two incidents have been looking after my mother very well. But everyone is struggling to work efficiently in the soaring temperatures we have been experiencing and if you are fat it is ten times harder.

Yet others are standing off-site smoking. There is of course no smoking in the hospital or anywhere on-site, including the car park.

This does not appear to apply to a few patients, who drag themselves plus drips to a position just outside of the entrance to light up.

Mother has been moved to the Cardiac Ward and her surgery has been postponed. The walls are plastered with pictures of the effects of smoking and over-eating. I guess you just get blind to them after a while.

Of course I do not have any bad habits. I did have a medicinal GIN & TONIC on arriving home however.

Yours Saintely


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