As you all know my dear mother is in hospital.

Yesterday as We were waiting to converse with the mother’s nurse a nurse passed us in the corridor. As she approached she fixed one eye on Ronald, the other appeared to be looking at the wall. She slowed and eyed him up and down, Ronald of course was oblivious. When she got to the far end of the corridor she turned and came towards us again. As she passed she gave Ronald “THE GLAD EYE”, I chuckled and said “you old SILVER FOX Ronald you have still got it”

“What have I got” said Ronald as the nurse got to the other end of the corridor and turned back to us again. “That nurse fancies you” I said pointing discreetly.

Ronald looked at her, she looked at Ronald. “BLOODY HELL! At least she will never catch me” he said as he all of 9 1/2 stone headed off to the lifts. Nurse weighing in in at least 16 stone with a face only a mother could love, looked on wistfully.

Yours hystericaly


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