COLONIC IRRIGATION OR COLONIC CLEANSING/HYDROTHERAPY as it is now called IS JUST WRONG! Why as reported in a Sunday magazine would you pay up to £80 to have 15 gallons of water pumped into your bowel via a tube inserted into your rear end to cure various minor ailments including backache and acne? No do not do this.
Why not take up gentle walking to improve your back problems and start a good cleansing regime also to include a walk to obtain a bit of vitamin D from the sun to improve your acne? This is virtually free and does not involve a complete stranger, a 15 gallon bucket of Fairy Liquid, a rubber hose and your purse being £80 lighter!

Ladies and the odd Gentleman I implore you let common sense rule. I know that I can think of many ways of spending £80 and it does not include letting a con-artist near my nether regions.

Yours Tight-seatedly



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